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I'm bringing him to Thanksgiving...

I took the GRE yesterday for a National Science Foundation fellowship, a huge, highly competitive fellowship. I did NOT do as well as I had wanted. I'm an engineer and I can't do basic math apparently. Or rather, I can do basic math without a problem, I just can't do it in the time allotted. With 5 minutes remaining in the math section I realized I had 8 problems left. AWESOME. I best guessed it on 5, but didn't even get to 3 of the questions. I knew I was guessing wrong because the questions were getting easier.

Anyway, an engineer should score at least 700 on the math section, and I only scored 690. I'm pretty pissed because I'm not stupid and the problems weren't hard, just time consuming for me - I'm old, remember? Things take longer now. HA!

Despite my less than stellar performance on the math section, I did decent on the verbal and scored a 680. Seem shitty, no? I thought so too until I spoke with my brilliant grad student boys (all of whom scored 780+ on the math section). Seems none of them scored over 550 on the verbal, with one scoring only 450!

So, as one of the boys nicely pointed out, if we compare cumulative scores - I beat everyone. Which according to him makes me a well-rounded person and much more desirable for the fellowship. While I absolutely adore the fact that he said all of this just to make me feel better, we both know better than that. The NSF fellowship cares about the math score because it's indicative of your analytical thinking. Writing isn't exactly important when it comes to research. Have you read any journal publications lately? The writing is usually unbearable.

Anyway. Enough of that...

Happy Thanksgiving!

For the first time ever I'm bringing a boy to Thanksgiving at my mother's house. Granted, it will only be my mother, me and the Captain, but still that's just... I dunno, that's just insane. I didn't even bring Jeremy to a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner the entire 5 years we dated.

Of course, it's only because the Captain didn't get to go home for Thanksgiving this year and I refused to let him be alone on the holiday. He didn't really get much choice in the matter.

What have I gotten myself into?!

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