11:25 p.m.

Apparently at 30 you get hairier...

Seriously, today has not been great for my self esteem, but it has been awesome in the "I know I have true friends" aspect.

So, my eyebrows have become unruly because I haven't had time to get them waxed in over a month. My friend Melissa told me today that I need to do something about them because it looks like I have caterpillars crawling on my face. While it may seem harsh, I'm glad I have a friend who is willing to tell me the truth regardless of whether she thinks it will hurt my feelings.

She's a keeper for sure.

So, I go to my eyebrow lady this evening (who I adore beyond words and have been going to for years). She's waxing my eyebrows and suddenly tells me that she's going to wax my lip as well. Not a question, but rather a statement, because apparently I have a fucking mustache. Awesome! However, I'd rather have my waxing lady tell me than the Captain, so I tipped her 200%.

Regardless of how brutal, honesty is always better than being placated and then gossiped about later.

Promise you'll always tell me the truth even if you think it'll hurt my feelings, k?

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