5:09 p.m.

Why is God so cruel?

Ok, because it's locked now I am going to share photos with you. Because I trust you all.

Here is diaper boy's pic from myspace:

Photo removed cause I'm nice.

Seriously, how could someone so cute be so fucking....fucked?!

Here's Jeep Boy's pic, I know you can't see his face, but trust me, it's very cute. I even forgive him for the manpose:

Photo removed cause I'm nice

Damn him for being a pothead. And damn him for moving. I'd never date him, but fuck buddies would've been nice.

I am so sad that all the cute boys are ridiculously fucked up in the head. Or married. With children. As is this boy who's mere picture makes me want to orgasm not only cause he's tall and cute and looks like Peyton Manning, but because look...he likes hiking, too:

Photo removed cause I'm nice.

I'd so be a home wrecker for that shit.

But I can't because damn it I have morals.

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