1:16 p.m.

diaper duty

I swear to God I meet the strangest motherfucking boys.

So, this new one is 29, fucking hot as hell, classic preppy/jock look which is ok by me. He has a masters in biochemistry and a BS in chemistry. He drives an M3 - not my dream car, but quite close. He's gainfully employed and does quite well for himself. He's fun to talk to and we have a lot of the same tastes in music, movies, blah blah blah. He likes to camp, bike, hike, fish. He's fucking perfect.

Except he has a diaper fetish. As in he wants me to change his.

Yes. Go ahead laugh. Because I almost died when I found out. I can not catch a break. Seriously, are all boys totally fucked in the head? Are there no normal ones?

I'm trying to finagle it in my brain so that this is ok. Whatever floats his boat, right?

I can't do it. I literally can not make it something less than a seriously strange fetish.

But he's so cute...


I give up on boys.

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