2:58 a.m.

what the fuck was I thinking when I thought of this?

Iím getting a bit nervous about my trip.

Ok, a lot nervous.

But, I have the coolest sites on my list to see. Hereís a short run down of the best (excluding the DC sites). Hopefully I get to see them all.

First, and definitely a must see, is right outside of Colorado in Kansas. Prairie Dog Town comes complete with a live six-legged steer!

Six-legged Steer

Now, come the fuck on, who doesnít want to see that?!

Also on the list is the Greyhound Hall of Fame, Living Bible Museum (this makes me especially giddy with joy because they have a Super Hero Jesus shirt I want to buy for a coworker), the Longaberger basket building, the MŁtter Museum, and hopefully the Statue of Liberty.

Iím thinking about taking I-70 on the way there, then taking I-80 on the way home. This way I get to maximize my road trip experience and see the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which I really want to do. Although maybe after a few days (or hours) on this trip, all Iíll want to do is curl up in a ball and rock myself to sleep from all the stress of doing this alone.

Hopefully not, cause Iím looking forward to Carhenge in Nebraska.

When I say I like cheesy and tacky, I mean it.

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