4:02 a.m.

I'm watching infomercials and it's 4:30am

It seems that everyone I know thinks I'm going to die on my trip.

My grandma thinks I'm going to see "one of those cyber boyfriends" she keeps hearing about, and that he will kill me then eat me.

She also thinks I'm too young to go. I guess you have to be 30 to travel.

I was completely fine before everyone insists that I'm dying on the trip. Jackie took a picture of me incase she never sees me again and has to give it to the police for the milk carton.

Blair, a friend from the clinic, thinks I shouldn't stop to pee in small towns. "I mean, haven't you seen Deliverance?! There are really people like that in Missouri!"

Now, I'm silently freaking out.

I can do this, right?

I'll fret later. Happy 4th of July, or belated Canada Day!

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