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I guess Iím just ignorant to the ways of the world. For some stupid reason I thought that I could charge things to my student account and the financial aid theyíre holding hostage would pay for them. Stupid me.

No...what they want me to do is pay for everything out of my pocket, and then 30 days after the semester starts, theyíll disburse my financial aid, and all will be right with the world. Am I wrong, or arenít you given financial aid because you canít afford college?

So, Iíve been reduced to borrowing money from my father, and trust me, it isnít the most enjoyable conversation to have. I had to hear the lecture about personal responsibility, financial health, and why Iím not ready to go to college, yet. Yeah, I donít know where that one came from either. I suppose 24 is still a little young; maybe I should wait until my mid thirties.

Anyway, Iíve decided heís right, Iím not fiscally fit and I really shouldnít be allowed to handle my own funds. I do waste money, I admit it. But, damn it, Iíve tried to save Ė I really have. I just feel guilty having superfluous (look at me, I can use big words) cash sitting in the bank when it could be used to help the local animal shelter, finding a cure for cancer, a drunken night in the bar, or the occasional eyebrow wax. I really could afford a lot more things if I could just ignore my conscience once in awhile.

Iíll never be rich.

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