9:21 p.m.

Chivalrous Chivas

I dropped the Captain off at the airport this morning. At 1:00am. Fun times.

My sweet little Georgia peach is going home for 10 days, and I know he's only been gone for... 21 hours, but I miss him already. How ridiculous is that?! Let me answer for you - completely. It's only ten days!

So, I was unsure what to get him for Christmas, but I was sure I had until he came back on the 29th to figure it out. I guess I was wrong, because he gave me a gift last night.

Though he bought me liquor. Chivas to be exact. Which, to his defense is my absolute favorite liquor, so A+ on choice. I've only mentioned that fact twice, I believe, so another A+ for paying attention. At least he tried, right? He was as thoughtful as a 22 year old, awkward, never had a girlfriend before, boy can be and I think it's adorably sweet that he even got me anything. He seems quite oblivious to most societal norms and as far as I can tell I'm the only person here that he actual got a gift for, so that's another A+. However, liquor is not romantic. At all. Unless you consider getting someone drunk and making out with them romantic. I suppose it's a good thing I do!

Anyway, now I have 10 days to make the most awesome Christmas gift ever somehow. I'm pretty sure I'll be making him a nerdy themed quilt, but it has to be simple enough that I can complete it before he comes back.

Or is that too much? I don't have any money to spend and I already have a ton of fabric so it wouldn't cost me anything to make him a quilt. Though, it does seem a bit personal - and motherly - doesn't it? Should I? Shouldn't I? Suggestions please.

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