12:25 a.m.

Have I mentioned I broke my foot? Or that I had one of the worst Christmases ever? No? Oh that's because my brain will not let me write about ANYTHING BUT THE BOY

I just got back from picking the Captain up at the airport. I missed that boy beyond words. We spent the entire 2 hour car ride getting caught up on the past 10 days, had dinner and made plans for New Year's Eve.

I realize how ridiculous it is that I missed him as much as did, but oh well.

Anyway, we're going out for dinner on New Year's Eve and then back to my place to celebrate with Chivas. Ha!

I decided against making him a quilt for his Christmas gift, for several reasons. One being I was too lazy/sick to make it while he was gone. I did however decide on a better gift! Obviously, saying he's a bit sheltered is a huge understatement, so it should come as no surprise that he's never been to a concert in his life. U2 happens to be his favorite band and they'll be playing here this summer. So, as birthday/Christmas gift I bought us tickets. 1) Awesome gift, right?! 2) I get to reap the benefits, too. Yay!

His birthday is in a few weeks, and I haven't actually received the hard copies of the tickets yet, so being a total dork I embroidered a little square of muslin with the date of the concert on it. I figured I'd wrap that up, tell him the gift is still in transit, leave him in suspense as to what will actually happen that day and make him wait until his birthday to give him the tickets.

Is that a good plan? Stupid? Ridiculous? Tell me, I need advice. Jackie is pregnant and hormonal and bitchy, so I refuse to talk to her about the Captain anymore. She thinks it's ridiculous that I'm involved with someone who is so devoutly Catholic and that it will never work out; that I'm wasting my time and fooling myself into thinking that someone like him would ever 'settle' for me. Maybe I am? I don't know? All I know is that I've never felt this way about someone before, I have never worked at a relationship like this before (not that it's difficult work, but it definitely tries my patience at times), and never imagined a future with someone like I do with him. She thinks it's just another one of my obsessive crushes, but as I'm sure you all know my crushes fizzle pretty quickly and they never materialize into an actual relationship. The Captain has broken both of those precedents, so I don't think it's just another crush.

BLAH! I'm done analyzing, at least for now. I'm content; he's home and that makes me happy.

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