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Focusing on helping others helps me

So, I'm doing the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life this year. I find that focusing on helping others and volunteering makes me feel better and keeps my mind focused on important things.

I have a really big problem with beating myself up to the point that I have no self esteem or sense of self-worth, especially lately with the massive amount of weight I've gained. I've stopped taking the prednisone, I've started taking my Wellbutrin again, and I'm beginning to feel a bit more like myself.

I've been volunteering a lot lately and getting involved in things like the Relay for Life. People tend to think that volunteering and donating your time/money is selfless, but I feel quite the opposite. It makes me feel better, therefore I think it's a bit selfish.

Anyway, if you'd like to donate to the American Cancer Society and help me raise funds, you can do it here. I'll be forever grateful; I'll even make you something as a thank you gift. :)

Thanks to Amber and Justin for already donating, you're amazing friends and I'm lucky to know you. <3

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