3:28 a.m.

demon spawn

I swore I'd never baby-sit the demon child again. Last time I did, I almost had a nervous breakdown from her non-stop screaming.

I had to call my mother because the child wouldn't shut up. My mother came over and tried to console it. After she had no luck trying numerous things, she said she's never seen a baby that young behave like that.

I asked why anyone would reproduce just to have that evilness spit out from your crotch. She confirmed that all babies weren't like that; you could pick most up and talk to them to calm them down. The more you talked to this one, the more pissed off she got. It wasnít a Iím in pain cry, it was a ďYou fucking cunt, if you donít do exactly what I fucking want right this fucking second Iíll eat your fucking heart.Ē

Now, I realize that babies are innocent little things, and itís not their fault that theyíre raised wrong, but this child has already turned into the spoiled rotten brat from hell. Her behavior has made me not like her. I donít want to play with her; I donít want to touch her, because sheíll scream until she canít breathe. I feel bad that I feel this way about a little baby, and it only confirms that Iíd be a horrible mother.

She's 4 months old, and the child is NOT happy, or consolable, unless she is 1 foot from the TV screen and it's playing Baby Einstein. Oh, and she has to be in her vibrating chair. Oh, and it has to be set to medium speed. Oh, and you have to physically bounce her up and down at all times in the chair.

The baby was supposed to be asleep by 7:30, but she screamed until she couldnít breathe to be put in front of the TV. Apparently itís the only thing she knows. Iím pretty sure after watching her last time that itís where she spends 95% of her life.

Jackie failed to mention this to me, and left me on my own to figure out that the child will scream unless itís directly in front of the TV at all times. What 4 month old is addicted to TV already? Honestly, it makes me sick, sad, and a little angry. Jackie wanted this baby so badly that she decided to have it when she could least afford it, and made the government pay for her hospital bills, but she just plops the child in front of the TV for hours upon hours while she goes outside to smoke a cigarette?! Why is that ok? Why did you have this child? What was the point? A tax deduction?

Anyway, I'm babysitting tomorrow because I'm a pushover.

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