2:30 a.m.


To test my addicted to TV theory, I turned her around.

Crying because I turned her around

I turned her back around, and the screaming stopped.

I let her watch TV to stop the crying

I even got a few smiles. Well, Winnie the Pooh did.

Laughing because she got her way - again.

I gave her a frozen teething thing to make her happy.

Chowing down

But, apparently her hands got cold and she FREAKED. But, she wouldn't let go of the thing. So, I laughed at her. Yes, I'm going to hell.

Crying because - I don't know why

I figured she was pissed off already, so I tortured her more to get a picture with the panda ears I bought her.

Her eyes are telling me she wants to tear my heart out of my chest and eat it.

I'm a little panda

She's a miniture Al Bundy in training.

A little Al Bundy

I got in front of the TV, and I got the "I want to eat your heart" look again.

Pissed because I'm blocking the view of the TV

I've decided that she's not my child, and it's not my responsibilty to teach her anything when I baby-sit. If her mother wants her to sit in front of the TV 95% of the day, then that's what I'll do. I'm not going to listen to incessant screaming - it's pointless and a pain in the ass for both of us.

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