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Panda Trip

So, itís official. Iím traveling 3300 miles alone to see a panda baby on his first birthday.




But, whatever. Iím beginning to accept that.

I pick up my rental car at 6:00am on July 6th and Iíll be off to Washington DC. Iíve allowed three days to get there, but Iím hoping to get there in two. Although maybe taking three days isnít such a bad idea; I like stopping and looking at interesting things along the way and everyone Iíve ever been in a car with is a road trip Nazi stopping only for 30 second pee breaks.

I want to enjoy the trip, so I think three days is best.

I still have no structured plans for anything except the 9th, which is the panda babyís actual birthday. Other than that, Iím just going with the flow. Iím not returning until the evening of the 14th, and I intend on seeing everything I can.

I really hope the flooding is over and everything is open when I get to DC. Some of the most interesting Smithsonian buildings are closed. I would literally sob for hours if I donít get to see everything there is to see in DC.

Also, I want to go to the MŁtter Museum in Philadelphia. I need to find a beach somewhere just so I can see the ocean, because Iíve never seen one before. How pathetic is that?

I still need help deciding where to stay, where to stop, and odd touristy things to do a long the way. I wanted to go to Canton, Ohio to see the Football Hall of Fame, but Iíve discovered thatís a very long way from I-70.

Any suggestions? The odder the better. As long as itís not too off my course, Iíd be willing to see just about anything. Also, Iíll be buying lots of post cards and mailing them to anyone that wants them. Let me know if youíd like a barrage of them from my little trip. Just a warning though, I will choose the weirdest, tackiest, or cheesiest postcards available.

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