2:12 a.m.

maybe I do have some sort of intuition

I went gambling tonight. I donít know what possessed me to do it, but I had a strong urge and acted upon it. I drug (dragged?) my mother along, and went up the mountain to gamble away money I really canít spare.



It paid off, my little whim, yes it did. My rental car and most of my gas is now technically free because I came home with $660 (I spent the extra $6 in my pocket because that was just a little too freaky, even for me) more than I brought.

Yay me!

Also, my mother was pissed halfway through the night, but changed her tune when she won $700.

Ha! We owned that casino.

Anyway, Iíve been trying to avoid thinking about my doctorís appointment in the morning. Logically I know that Iím not dying, why would they make me wait two weeks for an appointment if I was dying? Iím pretty sure itís just anemia. Iíve been anemic before. And, I was told it went away, but I wouldnít doubt itís back with my shitty eating habits.

Iím an anemic bulimic.

Ha! How appropriate would that be?

Anyway, Iíll let everyone know what it is when I find out. Cross your fingers that it isnít serious.

Cross your toes, too. :)

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