2:11 a.m.

just put her in the kennel dear, I want to go to the movies


I babysat for Jackie today. Iím such a fucking pushover.

Actually, I insisted I baby-sit, which is completely out of character. Jackie told me she had no one to watch her during class, so she was just going to bring her to school with her.

ďUm. What the fuck? No you arenít. People didnít pay good money to attend a class with a screaming baby sitting in the corner. Who the hell do you think you are?!Ē

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Ok. Seriously. Do people just think that once they have a child the world revolves around them? Because Jackie does. Every ounce of logic she ever had flew out her fucking crotch with that baby. If anyone in any of my classes brought a baby with them, Iíd throw a fit. I donít care how well behaved your child is.

Do people not think before having a baby? Do they honestly believe they can just throw their kid in a kennel, like they do their dogs, when itís inconvenient to have them around?

Or am I completely over reacting?

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