2:42 a.m.

just my (lack of) luck

Iíve been thinking about getting an external drive for sometime now. I have a fairly small 60GB hard drive on my little Dell, and itís full. In fact, itís so full that programs were complaining that they didnít have enough space to breathe. So when I got my paycheck today I decided to purchase a 160GB external drive. Conveniently they were on sale for $100. Score.

I came home and diligently moved all my files to the external drive. My school documents, my financial documents, and my photographs; everything. This included over 4,500 MP3ís. Yes, 4,500.

I love my music collection. Iím anal about my music collection. So anal that the tags are immaculate Ė and contain lyrics. Lyrics people. I fucking have the lyrics to all 4,500 songs. And the instrumentals are marked as such in the lyrics field.

After I had finished moving everything over, I started deleting all the original files from the main computer. It freed up so much space I almost cried tears of joy. It was like a new computer.

I then decided to be proactive and make a back up of everything just incase there was some massive drive failure. I downloaded (illegally, umm. But just to testÖ) a program to ghost the drive and create a backup of everything. Halfway through the backup it decided it wanted to partition my external drive into two parts.

I was likeÖumÖ.I didnít tell you to do that. CANCEL.

So, it cancelled the partitioning. Along with all the files on the drive. Long story very short, it killed every file that I just put on the external drive. Iíve spent the last 7 hours trying desperately to recover my music.

Luckily I didnít empty my recycle bin because I had a feeling something like this would happen. But, when I deleted my music folder it didnít go to the recycle bin because it was too big; it just deleted: poof.

I used an undelete program on my computer, and it found all my music. I was so fucking happy I did cry. Then I cried even more when I found out the tags didnít match the song.

Think youíre playing Adlai Stevenson by Sufjan? Think again, Etta James starts singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

I tried playing Outkast and got Rick Springfield singing about Jesseís Girl.

Postal Service? Nope. Close though, Death Cab.

On top of it all, the lyrics, album information, rating, everything, is gone from the tags. Hours of my life being obsessive compulsive down the drain. And now, Iíll waste even more doing it again.

Iím sick to my stomach from the fucking irony of this entire situation.

Hereís what my music files now look like.
And yeah, I have ladybug porn as my desktop.

Now excuse me while I go cry some more.

[edited to add: On 50% of the files, if you listen to a whole song it turns into another song. Sometimes even three or four. It's like my own personal remix. Yay!]

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