2:34 a.m.

my Ďspecial purposeí loves sufjan

Because I feel Iím being selfish that I want to keep him to myself, and Iím already upset that heís as Ďpopularí as he is, Iíve decided to share my love.




One of my favorite songs, Romulus.

And, just to prove Iím a complete loser:
I have a crush on the trumpet player Ė his name, I donít know. Itís not that big of a crush.

Anyway, I was at Human Clock and watching the minutes change. (I told you I was a complete loser.) And at 12:42am, Craig Montoro, Sufjanís trumpeter and apparent member of a now defunct band, popped up on my screen. (I looked up all that info just for you.)

Craig Montoro

The guy on the left kinda scares me, but I figure itís fate somehow.

Iím watching The Jerk right now. I love this movie.

ĎThe new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!í

I have extra (kick ass) Care Bear valentines, so if you want one, email me your address and Iíll mail you a valentine.

Love-A-Lot and Good Luck bears were my favorites.

Well, itís been a link-a-licious post, but I must go to bed. Oh my, did I just say that? Gah.

Itís 2:34am, forgive me.

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