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Iíve been inundated with offers to repair my credit since the bankruptcy. One company even went as far as to send a fortune cookie. Apparently, recently bankrupt folks are like fresh meat. Itís been quite awhile since my bankruptcy was final, so the junk mail has tapered down. However, every once in awhile I still get some offer in the mail that is specifically targeted towards, wellÖmorons.

I suppose I do fall into that category.

Credit Card Note

This was printed on a piece of paper that was printed to look like notebook paper.

I mean seriously, how stupid do they think people are?

And it has a good credit limit! Since the APR is a whopping 23.99%, they decided not to mention that.

Iím surprised they didnít intentionally misspell something just to add to the authenticity of the Ďpersonalizedí note.

Sign me up!

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