1:41 p.m.

naughty little girl

The other night I was on the phone with the sexiest man alive, and he convinced me to do something a little naughty.

I liked it.

No, wait. I LOVED it. Iím such a pervert.

Iím a bit of an exhibitionist, and I walked into my backyard, which is fully lit with a floodlight, and visible to the street behind our house. When I finally had enough courage I slid my breasts out of my tank top and began touching myself. It turned me on so damn much. Three cars drove by, but Iím pretty sure that one of them just circled the block to look again.

I loved it. I felt dirty and sexy.

I did it again the next day. It was raining and the way the raindrops hit my breasts felt so fucking good. I came.

I will do it again. Next time Iím gonna be nekkid.

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