10:33 p.m.

excuses, excuses, excuses

Iím sorry itís been so long. Iím kind of sick of apologizing for slacking all the time. Anywho, here are my excuses this time around:

I was sick for awhile.

I went to the hospital tonight for an asthma attack. Well, kind of a combination of too much Primatene Mist and an asthma attack. They wanted me to stay the night for observation. Mhmm. Been there. Done that. Not gonna get sued for medical bills again. I left AMA. (Besides, Iím FINE.)

Iíve been lazy.

I promise a Ďrealí entry soon. I have good gossip. Like my neighbor is a wife beater. Or the weird guy at my gym that rides the bike like a tourette's patient on meth. Or that Iím going to a Sufjan concert and you arenít. (Although, I will NOT be having sex with him as was originally planned.)

Anyway, lots to tell and no desire to write. Iím going to bed, now. Stupid hospitals.

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