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Iíve come to the conclusion that all men are instilled with an insatiable need. It consumes their mind every second of the day. Iím convinced itís all they can think about. When can they do it next? Where should they do it? What prop could they use to do it this time? It happens at every social gathering and in every conceivable place; at work, while shopping, at the bar, while fixing the car or painting the house. Every time a woman comes in sight, they have the overwhelming urge...

The urge to do, what Iíve so aptly named: The man pose.

You know youíve seen it. You know youíve done it. It spans decades. A manís age, race or social stature doesnít matter. Itís buried deep inside the Y chromosome, itís inherent.

And now, some idiot ad executive is trying to generate acceptance for this hideous behavior.

Iím appalled by the man pose. Please join me in my fight against it; together, we can eradicate it.

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