10:50 p.m.

dripping with sexual innuendos

Today, two girls were actually fighting over me.

Now, before you conjure up your lesbian fantasy involving hair pulling and clothes ripping that somehow always ends with entwined tongues and exposed breasts, I should tell you that they werenít fighting for my sexual attention. They were fighting over who would be my lab partner in chemistry.

Yes, you heard correctly. I felt so...ridiculous. Apparently, Iím the least mentally handicapped in the class, and Iím worthy of an argument.

I felt so special.

Yet, so geeky all at the same time.

At least itís nice to be wanted; but honestly, I didnít want either of them. (Although, if I were to venture into the world of women...) Anyhow, theyíre both quite educationally impaired. I suppose I can consider it community service.

Just before they ripped each otherís panties off, we came to a resolution: a threesome.

Ok, so I exaggerate a bit.

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