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Well, my birthday has come and gone, and Iím considered 25 now.

Itís hard to say. Hi, Iím Julie. Iím 25. Though itís not much different than 24. I donít know why this seems so hard, but it does.

On Saturday, I spent time with my family. My Aunt, my cousin and I all have birthdays the first week of September. The 3rd, the 6th and the 4th respectively, so we usually spend the weekend together.

It wasnít as horrible as I had imagined it to be. Everyone there agreed that turning 25 was the most challenging year for them. It seems to hold mysterious powers to induce self-doubt and depression. At least Iím not the only one.

After the family time, I went out with Jackie to a local bar and we drank our sorrows away. I had many an offer for free drinks, and took them all. I havenít been that drunk in quite awhile, and Iím still feeling it two days later.

I was beating guys off with a stick, it was quite odd. I came home with 4 scraps of paper with various names and numbers on them, too bad I canít remember who they are. Apparently I also gave out my number, because Iíve gotten two calls from guys I donít know. The names on the answering machine donít match the names on the scraps of paper. Iíll just ignore both. Eventually, like everything else I ignore, theyíll go away.

Iím surviving on seven hours of sleep in the past three days. Iím going to go pass out now. Then maybe Iíll get to add six more to that number.

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