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J: My ex-boyfriend of 3 years. We no longer speak. Not because we hate each other, just inconvenience and lack of desire.

Jackie: Best friend since we were eight. More like a sister than a friend. Weíre a little co-dependant.

Scott: Jackieís husband. Heís a pretty good guy, except for his obsession with Playstation.


Pueblo, Colorado: I lived there for about 2 Ĺ years. I moved there on a whim; I really shouldíve thought it over a little better. Anyone whoís been there can tell you it isnít exactly ďhome sweet homeĒ. I didnít venture out in this town very often, there really wasnít a lot of good places to go (except the liquor store of course) for all of you map freaks...Pueblo is in southern Colorado.

Colorado Springs, Colorado: Where do I begin? I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, in fact until I moved to Pueblo I'd never lived anywhere else. I shouldíve stayed. I didnít realize what a beautiful city it is until I left. I took the mountains and the hiking trails and the rivers for granted. The Springs isnít exactly the most happening place in the world, but compared to Pueblo itís the pinnacle of style and class.

The Dog track: Oh how I miss you, and still somehow I loathe you. This is my old workplace. It was my first job; I started in September of Ď95 (right before my 16th birthday). I worked my way up the ladder of success (if you could call it that at the dog track) only to be handed my severance pay in April of Ď01. I have been - not necessarily in this order - a groom, a kennel helper, a kennel master, a clerk of scales, a paddock judge, a cashier, and an assistant starter. The dog track isnít exactly the mecca of morals, itís often filled with gambling addicted alcoholics, dog trainers who donít bathe, or sometimes even worse...the oneís who do (in perfume and cologne), and about 120 greyhounds that are flea and tick ridden, and havenít had a bath since they were born. Not the pretty little picture they paint in the movies (Wait...I've never seen a dog track in the movies...only on the Simpsons).

The Vet Clinic: I started this job in March of 2002. So far I love the actual job, the people I could change. I assist 4 vets, do receptionist duties, and smother the cute little animals that come in with love. I freakiní adore this job!


My Dog: Heís worth more than my car. Heís had TPLOs on both knees, has a thyroid condition (which is just a nice way of saying heís a fat ass), arthritis, and a little bit of anxiety. Heís a freak, but I love him. Isnít that all that matters?

My Cats: Three are sisters that were abandoned by their mother. Iíve raised them since they were 1 Ĺ old, it was only supposed to be temporary...somehow, that didnít work out. The fourth is just a normal cat. I rarely see him. And to think, I don't even like cats.

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