10:52 p.m.

Smitten. [Sidenote: I only know one person who lives in/near Thurmont, MD. Quit coming here, kthx.]

Things are going splendidly with my Georgia peach Air Force boy, which from now on will just be called The Captain for brevity. See, my Captain's last name is Kirk and he will someday, literally be: Captain Kirk.

Um, how fucking awesome is that?! It makes me want to marry him right now. Well, that and the fact that he's waiting until marriage for sex, so the sooner the better, really. I am the biggest nerd on the planet, no?

Anyway, I can't believe how retardedly into this boy I am. Example: I made him dinner last night. Not such a big deal, right? Oh, but I'm a vegetarian and I cooked hamburger.


If there is one smell in the entire world that can make me dry heave, it's the smell of cooking hamburger meat. But, I did it for him because I am completely smitten with his charming naivete and gentlemanly manners. I am a sucker for this boy, damn it.

I can't stop talking about him to my friends, I'm pretty sure they're sick of hearing about him. However, he's even won them over with his sweetness - and that's extremely hard to do.

I know that every time I say this the universe throws a big "Fuck You" in my face and ruins my happiness, but I'm going to say it anyway: He makes me beyond happy. I can't help but smile around him.

There are some issues, but nothing we can't get past. He's quite naive, timid and shy. It's been a bit of a struggle, but he's completely worth the effort and I'm willing to do anything to make this work. He's the one I've been waiting for, I can feel it.

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