1:04 a.m.

He can solve a Rubik's Cube in like 2 minutes. Did your panties just get wet, too?!

I am still completely and utterly smitten with the boy.

The boy, the boy, the boy. He's all I think about all fucking day. It's ridiculous.

I'm still unsure about him being smitten with me, though. It's extremely hard to read a virginal Catholic boy. He seems interested and flirty, but he could just be a nice Catholic boy being kind to an old lady.

He's coming over next Saturday to help me move in to my new apartment and help put together all the cheap furniture I bought. I asked him, but still he could've said no, right? Or is that against God's laws? It's probably against God's laws to say no.

Damn it.

I'm pretty sure I've made it perfectly clear that I adore him and want to molest him, but I'm extremely hesitant to make the first move.

1) I'm old. That'd be creepy.

2) Perhaps he really is just a nice guy and has absolutely no interest in me.

3) We have to work together for the next two years. If I make a move and he's not interested, that would be seriously AWKWARD.

So, I'm turning to you to tell me if he's interested or not. Here's the run down.

Why I think he adores me, too:
1) Since the 10 hour lock-down we've seen each other every work day. This never happened before because we work on opposite sides of the building.
2) He seems overly eager to agree with me on things.
3) We've talked at least an hour daily, 4+ on Fridays when we're slackers.
4) He agreed to help me move/assemble furniture. Who willing does that?! Perhaps just 23 year olds who haven't grown sick of helping friends move yet?
5) We do the whole teasing/flirting thing. Unfortunately, the subject he teases me on: I'm fucking old. Awesome.
6) He said he's never met anyone like me. He was referring to the fact that I say what I mean, I'm blunt and if there's a problem I approach it head on. Example: there are two particular grad students who everyone in the department dislikes, including the professors. No one will approach them or say anything to them about their lack of work because they're from the Air Force and a lot of funding comes with them while they're here. On Friday I decided to be blunt and tell them what the fuck I thought about them and their snotty Cadet attitude because I'm not going to work with these people for two years in this environment. As expected, things worked out fine because people appreciate being told the truth (in a slightly deadpan/sarcastic way). This either impressed him or made him frightened of me. I've had people react both ways so I'm not sure what "I've never met someone like you" means to him.
7) I asked him a week ago to take a grad course with me (he's still an undergrad) because he's a super genius and he said he couldn't because he was already taking a full courseload and working full time. On Friday he told me he enrolled.
7) His name starts with a J. That means it's fate, right?

Why I doubt he adores me:
1) He's super nice. He's just a really nice guy in general. I could be reading more into his actions than intended.
2) I invited him to a concert and he flat out said no; he didn't like the band. Um, turn down a free concert?! If he liked me, he'd endured, right?
3) He's Catholic. I'm not. He's 23. I'm not. He's super skinny and active. I'm not.
4) Why would anyone as adorably cute as him, with all his awesome attributes ever settle for a girl/old lady like me?! He could have any nerdy girl he wanted - and there are some cute ones around here.
5) Why the fuck hasn't he made a move?! I've more than made it clear I want to do immoral things with him. I've asked him to a concert, I've flirted incessantly, we talk/email all day long, I blurted out "You're such a nerd, I love you to death!" after he told me his favorite movie was Back to the Future. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE - ASK ME OUT ALREADY.
6) His ex-girlfriend is cute.

I'm sorry, I know I get like this with every single boy ever and I know it's a pain to endure listening to someone obsess over a boy. I just - I can't fucking help myself. I have NEVER felt this attracted to someone in my entire life so quickly.

Please pray to Jesus that he convinces the boy to date me. A good Catholic boy can't deny Jesus' suggestions, right?

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