1:08 a.m.

I can never resist a boy with a huge...brain.

Still crushing. Seriously hard.

Sometimes when I'm obsessed, as I am now, I read way too much into things. Such as I'm convinced he's crushing on me, too.

But see, while I say that, I subconsciously think I'm stupid and no one would want me - especially a cute 23 year old just-my-type nerdy boy. That's just impossible.

So, while I get my hopes up when I think about the fact that we have 'bumped' into each other every day at work since the whole 10 hour lock-down, (which didn't happen even once before because we work on opposite sides of the building) I also brace myself for the inevitable let-down when I realize that it's nothing and he hasn't thought twice about me.

Not to mention that I'm probably willing this to happen, reading way too much into the fact that he said I should move over to the CFD lab - and not to worry, I'd be sitting next to him, or that I've misinterpreted his over eagerness to agree with things I say as flirting instead of just respecting his elders.

I'm old.

This will probably never go anywhere even if it somehow magically turned into a relationship, there are just too many opposing core beliefs. But a girl needs to sow her oats with a young boy before she's too old and can't, right?

Not to mention, it'd be so nice to date a boy who can help me with my homework.

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