1:26 a.m.

Perhaps my forehead?

I want a tiny tattoo to commemorate my graduation this May. Emphasis on tiny. The problem? I don't know what or where.

I certainly want something super geeky, like an equation. Perhaps F=ma, or even more geeky and precise: F=dp/dt. Because, almost everything I've ever learned can pretty much be traced back to this tiny little equation that explains motion. I do adore Newton. But what about Bernoulli or Kepler? I love them, too! What's a girl to do when she's caught in a complicated love triangle (rectangle?) like this?!

But, almost as important as the what, the where? I want it hidden when needed, but where I can admire it when I want. I can't see 2 of the 4 tattoos I have without the aid of a mirror, and the other 2 I can't fully appreciate because I'd have to contort my body awkwardly to see them without a mirror. (That last sentence was horrible, but I'm not fixing it because I'm lazy and you get the gist anyway.)

Also, I'm not really fond of the ones I have. Seems 18 year olds are actually stupid, regardless of what they think at the time. This time, I'd like to put thought and consideration into it, not just point at the flash wall and say, "That one. That's the one I want on my ankle for the rest of my life."

Suggestions requested, please.

Geeky footnote: My computers have names(don't yours?!). My desktop/server is Newton. My laptop is Bernoulli. My wireless home network is Kepler. Try and beat that in geekiness, if you dare.

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