7:05 p.m.

Yet another reason Coke > Pepsi

I loathe Pepsi.

I have for a long time. Probably the nasty aftertaste. I'm a Coke kind of gal.

I loathe Pepsi advertisements.

I have for a long time. Probably since the Britney ones. I'm a Coke advertisement kind of gal.

WHY ARE PEOPLE TORTURING ME WITH DYLAN REMIXES/REMAKES?! Why are they ruining the one thing I love?! WHY?!

I hate you WILL.I.AM. I hate you Pepsi. I hate you.

And Bob, I'm a little disappointed in you, too. I know you're 68 and probably at the beginning stages of senility, so I won't blame you too much. But come the fuck on - a Pepsi commercial with a fucking Black Eyed Pea?! That's pretty low, Bob. That'd be comparable to endorsing the MCR remake of Desolation Row. At least I can take a little solace in the fact that you didn't mug for the camera holding a Pepsi, right?

P.S. Comparing the genius of Belushi to the joke of an actor known as Jack Black is a disgrace, too.

P.P.S Could this years commercials get any more sexist and misogynistic?!

Blah. I'm cunty today, can you tell? I don't feel well.

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