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If you're over 18 your life is worthless

I just sent this email to a friend because I am crazy and random.

So, since you are a lovely grad student, will you explain some things to me. What the fuck are comprehensives? Are you getting an MS? I've been asked to attend grad school by two of my professors, should I do it? How are you paying for grad school? Are you a TA? Do you have a fellowship? Is work paying for it? I want a fellowship, think it's likely? I'm a girl in mechanical engineering, so I think I have a better chance than some, but still I only have a 3.55 GPA from a crap school, so I don't think I have a chance. How hard was the GRE - I've already been accepted to my school and I don't need to take it, except most fellowships ask for it. I'm scared of the GRE.

I'm rambling, but I'm so confused about whether I should suck it up for another 2 years and get my MS in mechanical engineering or just go into the workplace. I'm leaning toward grad school cause I don't think I'm smart enough for real life. And I hate change. Change sucks.


Sorry I just asked a thousand questions. I'm just nervous/scared.

Also, last week I got a $300 speeding ticket for going 34 in a school zone. This is a high school school zone and while I didn't mean to speed, I'm not so opposed to killing a few teenagers - especially because they like shooting guns in my front yard.

I'm sure I'm going to hell for that. Oh well.

I think there should be elderly zones, not school zones. The elderly can't get out of the way as quickly as kids.

Also, because children are the most important thing in the world and their lives are more valuable than anyone elses, I am required to go to court. I can't just pay the ticket, I have to actually waste a whole day in court. However, my court date is the same day as one of my finals, so I have to reschedule. But, of course, they don't make anything easy so I have to actually go to the courthouse to change my court date, I can't just call to reschedule.


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