12:41 a.m.

I said douche bag three times in this post. College boys are affecting my lexicon.

I'm in the middle of 29+ hours worth of work all due this week, but I needed a quick break. Coldplay popped up on shuffle and I had to confess my love of Chris Martin to someone because I've kept it a secret long enough.
Chris_Martin (by Mixed Up Confusion)

I'm in the midst of a celibacy vow, but hot damn if that man doesn't make me want to touch myself.

You know, if I can forget about his twit of a wife and his pretentiously named children. And his overall douche bag persona. Every time I hear a song of his and start thinking about how much I adore him they ruin it. Wives and children and douche bag personas ruin everything.

Oh, and Jay-Z. He ruins everything, too. But I'd file him under douche bag persona.

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