11:04 a.m.

Oh. My. Mothereffing. God.


Remember that jackass I dated early last year? The one I was totally so head over heels in love with that I was stupid enough to believe his BS? (Oh wait, that's every boy I've dated.) The one that WAS ENGAGED THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS DATING HIM. The one I contemplated telling his fiance all about us? (No matter how I phrase it, that sentence doesn't make sense to me.)

Yeah, him.

He emailed me today and told me he was coming back to Colorado and wanted to see me. That he missed me. That he couldn't stop thinking about me. That I was the most sincere, caring, kind, woman he's ever been with and blah, blah, blah.

What. the. Fuck. Douchebag?!

Seriously? I hate boys. All of them.

I may be a sucker, but I am not that big of a sucker. Even if I were single I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of a reply. Do people really think others are that dumb?!

Anyway, I decided that it was enough and I would tell his wife about the whole thing, because I can only forgive and forget and mind my own business so much. So, I go cyber-stalking and find his myspace again (after an hour of trying to remember how I found it in the first place) and guess what - she's divorcing him and it will be official by Thanksgiving.

Big surprise there, eh?

I feel bad. I feel like I could've saved this woman the heartbreak of being a Divorcée at 26. I could've saved her a ton of money, time, and effort by telling her before she was married to this jerk.

Is it wrong I want to be her friend?

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