1:14 a.m.

New site name now in effect.

So, I've changed the name of this site for the time being. I feel it's only appropriate as I haven't updated in a month.

School starts tomorrow. This is it, this is my final year of school.

Is it stupid I'm already sad? That I'm already nostalgic for something that hasn't ended yet?

I met my study group at the bar on Wednesday to catch up before classes start. I really missed them and they agreed that we're the only ones that get each other's jokes.

Engineers have a retarded sense of humor apparently.

Anyway, I should go to sleep. I promise not to let it be a month between posts again. Now that school starts I'll have a set routine again and that will make things much easier.

I have been updating my silly little panda site regularly. In fact, there's a giveaway in the process at the moment, so hop on over for a free PandaBand bracelet and a chance to win $25 to ShanaLogic.com. It'd be nice if someone like you guys won!

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