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I've had some time to distance myself from my woes and I'm feeling a bit better. I was going to go into detail about my horrid week, but I see no point in dwelling on it; it will just depress me. So, here's a quick recap:

I started my internship on Tuesday the 27th of May. It was possibly the most awesome day of my life. It was completely amazing - the company I was interning for (A HUGE vendor in the aerospace business) is part of the Missile Defense Agency. The job was located on an Air Force base here in town and the security to get into the building is just awe inspiring. I met the big bosses and was told what I'd be working on this summer - an amazing project that is reminiscent of the movie War Games.

Basically, it was everything I'd ever wanted in a job. It required a Secret security clearance because some of the stuff is classified. I filled out all the paperwork (literally every detail for the past 10 years of my life) and was told that I was cleared to work - until around 3pm that day. Then, they called my boss guy and said my interim hadn't cleared yet, so I'd have to leave. It was a big deal and they had to turn on lights to warn people that someone without a clearance was on the work floor. I came back the next day and was in a meeting when I got pulled out. My interim clearance was denied. Long story short, I forgot to list my father's sister, a German citizen, on my clearance paperwork and it was denied. This wasn't a huge deal, and they could've pushed the clearance through and straightened everything out, but I'm just an intern. And with being just an intern they didn't want to waste time or money on me.

I don't really blame them, but it still really sucks, you know? This is something I've wanted so badly for so long that having it dangled in front of my face like that was devastating. But, I'm doing better, and as with everything else in life, time has helped heal my broken heart. It still sucks. I'm still really disappointed and somewhat angry with myself for completely forgetting I had an aunt in Germany, but life moves on.

As for the M16 in my face? While I was being escorted out of the building (everyone without a clearance has to be escorted at all times - even to the bathroom) when they had a 'situation' in the portal to leave the grounds. Fifteen soldiers come running in and screaming for everyone to get on the floor. Fun times. One of the soldiers was directly in front of me and pointing his gun in my face. Luckily they had warned us that this happens somewhat frequently and I didn't pee my pants in terror. Still, a bit exciting, no?

To top off the week, someone got ahold of my debit card information through US Bank. The account I had CLOSED a week prior. The account that I had bitched about before and absolutely loathed. Luckily, I logged in to make sure my account was closed, because let's be honest, I don't trust US Bank at all. Thank God I checked. I logged in to find over $500 in charges to iTunes and Yahoo Wallet. I called the bank and they were completely lackadaisical about the whole fucking thing. The fact that I had CLOSED that account a week earlier, the fact that my card number was obviously stolen, the fact that nothing should've been authorized on a closed account in the first place - none of that seemed to interest them. They said they'd reverse the charges and send me some paperwork to fill out in the mail. I can not stress it enough: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH USBANK.

I don't know if any other information of mine has been comprimised, so I filed a fraud alert with the credt agencies, and alerted my other banks about the incident. I just find it suspicious that the exact account I just closed suddenly had mysterious charges on it. US Bank employee maybe? I wouldn't put it past them.

So, it's been a trying few weeks. Really, just that week but the repercussions have lasted since. However, I've come to realize that things usually happen for a reason in life. I can't change the past, and I can't sit around and wallow in my own sadness. Sometimes, be it with relationships or jobs or life in general, things turn out for the best when I don't get what I want. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of that.

In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing.

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