1:51 a.m.

This was written at 8am, I'm just a procrastinator.

I'm sitting outside the computer lab of the engineering department waiting for the department secretary to get her ass here and unlock it. She's supposed to be here at 8am. I left my USB drive in the lab on accident and someone that knew it was mine was nice enough to turn it in to her. Unfortunately all my work is on it and she's late.

See, normally I'd say just my luck, but today is different.

Yesterday was, all at once, the most amazingly good day and the shittiest day I've had in recent history. However, the good outweighed the bad by a mile, so I'm still quite optimistic.

I got the internship I've been hoping the past 3 weeks I'd get, but had finally resigned to the fact that they didn't want me. The HR lady called to let me know they were writing up an offer for me and they'd have it done by Monday.

I am beyond excited.

After that I found the ruler I lost. I know this sounds completely geeky, but it's the most amazing/useful ruler and I was so depressed I lost it. I use it daily and it's been MIA for over a week.

So, awesome day, right?

Then I got a text about a classmate finding my USB drive and giving it to lost and found for me to pick up later. Sounds thoughtful and I'd be so happy that it wasn't lost forever except... there are solutions manuals on the there and those are a huge no-no. They have the answers to all the questions in the textbooks, and while I use it as a tool and not a means to cheat (which would be impossible at this point in my education. Things are just too complicated to be able to copy verbatim anyway), it's still not a good thing to be caught red-handed with.

After my little panic attack I decided to drive up to the school right then and check to see if I could get someone to let me into the break room. Unfortunately everyone was gone for the day, so I headed home.

Just as I was getting off the interstate I sideswiped another car.

Totally my fault.

However, the other driver was AWESOME and there was no damage to his car, so we agreed not to report it. However, the front wheel well area of my car is pretty seriously scratched. I took pictures I'll post later.

Is it completely wrong to say it happened in a parking lot and getting my insurance to cover it? It's been years since I was in an accident and actually had full coverage to cover it. It's probably not even worth the deductible anyway.

Blah. This entry is all over the place. Apologies.

So, I'm here at 8am waiting for the secretary to get here so I can grab the USB drive before she has a chance to snoop.

I'm still in a good mood. Life is good, even with the little bad things that happened lately.

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