8:33 a.m.

Earth Day

I'd say happy earth day, but I feel the actual meaning of it has turned into who can be the trendiest 'eco-saver'.

I especially love the mommies who drive HUGE SUVs and Hummers, but act like they are so environmentally savvy because they use reusable totes for their grocery bags. Then, they have the nerve to glare at me like I'm some horrible person because I don't have a fashionable 'I'm NOT a plastic bag' bag.

While I hate buzzwords, I'd just like to point out: my carbon footprint is finite, it will end with me. Yours is infinite and will continue to pollute the earth for generations to come because you can't stop popping out babies.

I suppose every little bit helps, so I shouldn't be so negative. Blah. Wow, I'm pretty cunty this morning. It probably has to do with the fact that it's morning and I'm up.

And that stupid Hummer that cut me off on the way to campus this morning.

Edited to add: I saw the perfect example of the 'I'm better than you cause I'm eco-trendy' attitude while shopping at Target today.


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