12:34 a.m.

I like sharing, it makes me feel useful

I figured out the whole hosting thing - in fact I'm hosting not one, but two mommy blogs. One for my niece and one for Jackie.

Yeah, I'm a sucker.

Anyway, I've figured out the hosting thing so if any of you want your own domain you can just buy the URL, which is usually about $10, and you can use my hosting service. I'll help you set it up and teach you how to use it if you'd like. I love Wordpress and it's 10,000 times better than diaryland, but you can use any program you'd like.

I'm paying $100+ a year (which honestly isn't that much) and I plan on getting every dime out of it. I have space for like 50 more sites, and you don't have to pay me anything.

Just email me if you want to set one up!

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