2:52 a.m.

Things to discuss with the doctor Thursday

1. My period started for 1/2 a day then disappeared. I'm over a week late, and if I wasn't 100% positive I'm not pregnant, I'd probably be worried. Now I'm just concerned about wtf is going on with Righty.

2. My tonsils are swelling even more again despite being on prednisone still. I know what's going to happen - she's going to double my dosage again and I'll balloon up even more than I already am and an extra 40lbs in a few weeks. Then she'll say the only other solution is surgery and we'll have same discussion about insurance and money we had last year. Then she'll try and convince me that on pred at least my allergies and asthma are amazingly controlled.

3. I've been having lightheaded-shortness-of-breath-can't-focus-my-eyes episodes almost daily for 2 weeks. I even stopped taking my ephedrine as often because I thought that might be the problem, but it hasn't made it any better.

4. My heart races at odd times - kind of like a panic attack. Hell, who knows, maybe it IS a panic attack.

Gah! I'm exhausted today. Mentally and physically.

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