9:52 p.m.

Super Fat Tuesday

Did you vote? Ok, good.

I don't completely understand why when I'm happy being with someone all of the sudden boys trip over themselves to date me.

Ok, I exaggerate, they aren't really tripping over themselves for me. More like haphazardly stumbling towards me on accident. Occasionally.

In the past month I've been asked out 3 times by complete strangers. Two in the past week. Which, obviously, isn't that much, but considering that really hasn't happened for years, it's a bit out of the ordinary for me. Especially when I run into the grocery store to pick up bananas after the gym and I'm all sweaty and stinky. Like seriously, what the fuck? Do you have a sweaty fat girl fetish?

But, I live in a military town and most of them will date anything that breathes, so it's not like it's really that noteworthy. Besides, I want no one other than The Boy (still contemplating pseudonyms), so I politely decline and go on my merry way.

Random thoughts:

The women's bathroom at the school smells like the sewer. It's not dirty, it's just that there are about 10 girls in the entire department and the toilets don't get flushed enough, so sewer gas collects. Or something to that effect. I don't really care why, but all I know is that I'm supposed to flush all the toilets in the bathroom every time I pee now. What a stupid reason to waste water.

I don't drink caffeine, but I've recently started taking ephedrine and caffeine pills. I take my caffeine pills with Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Ironic or just retarded?

I drew you a picture of a crab cake. My brain pops this image into my mind every time I hear the song I posted the other day, which probably explains why it makes me happy. That and the fact that it reminds me of The Boy.

Crab Cake

I must say 'awesome' 35 times a day lately. I need more 80's/90's words to add to my lexicon. Ideas?

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