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Smiling moron

Yesterday went completely wrong. I went to buy my textbooks, but the cashier made a mistake and tried to authorize $550 (not even ALL of my books!) twice. Unfortunately, my bank is retarded and I have a daily spending limit of $1000 a day on my debit card, and apparently not a single person in the whole bank is able to change that limit. Sidenote: Why is there a spending limit so low? What if I wanted to by a plasma TV? It is MY money, right? Blah. Anyway, Iíve digressed. So, as to not be a huge pain in the ass, I am just going to go back and get the books today. And, switch banks.

I also went to the eye doctor today, and while my vision has actually improved (Yay, though wtf?) There was this really snotty lady there who was being quite rude to the receptionist over something that was 1) not even the receptionistís fault and 2) even if it had been, there was no excuse for the way she was treating her.

So, and for reasons I will try to explain in a minute, I stepped in and said something. At first the lady was quite rude to me as well, but after I made her feel 2 inches tall for treating another human being as rudely and condescendingly as she just did, she turned red, apologized to the receptionist and quickly left the office.

As Iím sure all of you are well aware, Iím really not the type to even talk to strangers in public, let alone start a confrontation, but lately Iíve been so happy I couldnít help myself.

Did you read that right? Happy?! Yes!

I am so smitten with a boy who is so amazingly perfect for me that I walk around with the biggest grin on my face without even realizing. Sometimes I realize I look like a smiling moron and I try to stop myself, but I just canít help it.

In fact, I seem so happy and friendly that people just randomly talk to me now. Yesterday, even though it was a less than stellar day, I had random, friendly, small talk conversation with 5 people. Five! Thatís like, unheard of for me. People just arbitrarily came up to me in the stores and started talking about the day, the weather, how great this sale was, how much they loved those raspberries.

Usually if this happened once, Iíd just chalk it up to a friendly person who is overly chatty, but five? I must be projecting this happy, easily approachable energy or something. Though, I know without a doubt exactly why.

He makes me so happy. He makes me smile even when Iím not with him. He makes me hopeful about a future that I wasnít so hopeful about before.

I know that sounds stupid, and itís not like Iíve known him long and I donít particularly have a great track record with the boy thing, but this is different. I donít really know how to explain it, but I can feel it. I just want to tell everyone in the entire world how awesome he is and how happy he makes me and what a perfect fit he is for me.

I know that I can come on strong, and I donít want to be too smothering, but I just adore him and want to spend inordinate amounts of time with him. I know that just make me sound all fatal attraction. Damn it, Iím not. Iím just happy.

Anyway, the fact remains, if I were to make a boy just for me, I wouldnít have been able to make anyone more perfect.

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