6:22 p.m.

I must eat so many lemons, because I am so bittah

I adore this video and her accent. She's my newest musical love.

I've been so busy lately. School is to blame. But, honestly, I enjoy the camaraderie. I enjoy my hours and hours locked up inside the computer lab studying because I'm surrounded by people who actually understand my retarded sense of humor. We laugh non-stop everyday over the most geeky jokes. I guess I just feel more comfortable surrounded by boys.

The downside? I am surrounded by boys.


They are smelly and crude. They eat anything in sight. They are rubbing off on me. And unfortunately because of that I'm a fat cow again.

It's just proof that being a girl and being old makes it easier to gain weight. I am around them 95% of the day. We spend over 18 hours a day on campus, and I even go bike riding, hiking, and to parties with them. They consume 12 times more calories than me and don't workout any more than I do. I'm at the rec center everyday, they don't even bother to go most of the time.

It's not like it's just one or two boys, either. There is a group of about 10 to 15 boys that I regularly spend my days with and they're all thin (and mostly hot, unfortunately for me).

How the fuck can they be rails and I be a fat cow?! Why is mother nature so cruel?!

So, here's the deal. I'm going on a strict diet of water and. And air. I've simply gotten to the point that I disgust myself.

I'm sure the cute little 19 year old girls around campus aren't boosting my ego much either. Damn them and their perfect metabolisms.

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