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I've been so busy lately that my DVR is overflowing. I finally got around to watching all the SNLs from September. If you call fast forwarding through 90% of the show, stopping only when you think it has potential to be funny, watching.

Anyway, I can't get this song out of my head now. The chorus is quite catchy. And if you're a bit behind on the times, like me, and haven't heard about it, Mahmoud stated gay people didn't exist in Iran.

Also, I'm reading Stephen Colbert's new book, and it's a bit like trying to live in the mind of someone with ADHD. But, I adore him, so it's worth it.

To spread the Stephen Colbert love, I'll send it to someone who wants to read it if they promise to send it to someone else who wants to read it, too.

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