8:06 p.m.

Proof of just how big of a geek I am

If you combine:

1. My love of Wired magazine and it's completely kick ass content.

2. My love of PBS, which began with Sesame Street, but grew to include Reading Rainbow, 321-Contact, Nova, Cosmos and on and on.

3. My love of Chris Hardwick, which began with the crush I had on him when he was the host of Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy (wow, I'm old), and it skyrocketed when I figured out he was the genius behind the Pi song:

4. My unending, yet amazingly unapologetic geeky-ness.

You get Wired Science, a new PBS show that I already love and I haven't even seen. It debut last night, but it isn't shown on my PBS station until tomorrow.

The reference to one of my favorite Family Guy lines is what threw my love over the line to obsession.

The way those chemical names roll of his tongue makes me insanely attracted to him. Basically, if you talk smart to me, I'm easy. Just in case you needed to know that.

Also, I've noticed that my grammar sucks lately. I think my sleep schedule is killing important brain cells.

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