3:04 a.m.

Wow, I ramble aimlessly like a 14 year old

I've been really busy lately.

I should be busy with school, but I pretty much procrastinate that until the last minute. I've been busy building a completely unnecessary, cheesy, panda-y filled website.

Perfect Pandas

Yes, go ahead, laugh at me; I fully admit to being a complete dork. But, whatever, it's been fun learning php and maybe someday it'll turn a profit so I can actually donate to the panda charities. Also, I'm completely full of shit - my sister-in-law doesn't get anything from me on her birthday, I'm poor. And it's in April - same as Hitlers. Which, I suppose is completely irrelevant because I actually like her.

Oh, and I'm going to be an aunt to a little girl. Thank God, now my brother can't ruin her as much.

Anyway, those panda lovers are a bit insane and obsessive (me?!) so I know if I can get them hooked, I'll be good. However, I'm a bit odd and I didn't want to just fill it with cute pictures of pandas, so I was looking for different takes on the whole panda theme. Ergo (told you I was a dork) the Panda Fiat and The Panda Band. Maybe I should pander (ahahahha!) to the panda lovers and just post cuddly pictures? But, when it comes down to it, it's my site and I'll be as retarded as I please.

Oh, speaking of the Panda Band, have I told you about them? I adore them very much. I uploaded a song, take a listen.

The Panda Band - Lovely Shoulders (MP3)

The opening lines make me smile:

What somebody sees in you is hard to understand,
You don’t set out to love someone, it’s not something you plan.
But when someone’s sent to love you,
You cherish her like time, my time with you…
She said I got sad eyes and I lean to the left.
Well, I slouch when I sit like some pirate sunken chest.
Such skinny little ankles and bony little hands,
But I got some lovely shoulders and she likes that in a man.

Though, I suppose if you wandered over to the new site you already saw that.

You really should wander over to the new site. If only to amuse me.

Oh! Eventually I will figure out the whole domain hosting thing and you can all have your own websites, but until then if any of you want a Perfect Pandas email address (example: anything@perfectpandas.com) let me know. I fully expect no one to want one, so don't feel bad if you don't. Ha!

Also, my boobies are up at Boobie-Thon! If you can guess which ones are mine, then...well, you've probably already seen them. But try anyway; if you donate you can see them nekkid!

I should go to sleep. I have homework to finish in the morning before class. See, last minute.

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