1:40 a.m.

How could you make a panda baby out of food?







I thought these were seriously cute. If you want to see the larger sizes, click the pictures or buy this book.

In completely unrelated news, I have a friend that bought me a $50 gift card to Aeropostale. I am extremely grateful for the thought and the gift, however I am not 18. Or 21. I'm almost 30 (eep!) and I hate to admit it, but Aeropostale just isn't my style anymore; I'm just not cool enough and it looks like I'm desperately trying too hard to maintain my youth.

So, my loss of hip style is your gain. The first person to EMAIL me the link to an item they want under $25 (because I think I might order a purse that's on sale) and their mailing address will get a second generation birthday gift. I'll cross out this paragraph when it's gone...

I'm thinking of starting my own website filled with cute panda things. I actually have a domain and a hosting site now. I'm allowed to host unlimited sites. So, as soon as I figure all this out (which will be awhile since school is killing me) if you want your own site too, you can host on my server for free. I'm nice like that. You'll have to buy your own domain name though. Or, just be a sub domain of mine. Whatever. I have to read up on this stuff, I'm retarded when it comes hosting and the like.

I'm off to bed now. I've just finished the last of my Strengths of Materials homework. Or rather I've given up for now. Blah.

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