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I'm sure I've mentioned Jackie's dog on here before. It's something that makes my blood boil and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. When they first got Rock, he was a 6 month old well behaved, very trained, neutered rottweiler. Since this time he has completely declined into something that resembles a bad stereotype.

To make a very long story shorter; they now have 2 rottweilers that spend 100% of their time outside without human contact. They even FORGET TO FEED THEM some days. They have the yard sectioned off and the dog's side is nothing but dirt and feces. Their water bowl is nothing but a huge bucket that is overgrown with algae. They're allowed access to the garage, so they do have shelter. (However, how can you escape 106 degree weather? You can't.)

Every time I go to their house I go into the garage and give them both treats and talk to them. I also change their water (or give them water. It's often empty.) Rock is by far one of my favorite dogs of all time. He is just the sweetest dog, and he adores me, too. He just needs a little training to relearn what has obviously not been reinforced.

He has had absolutely no socialization for the past few years. Last year he bit one of their friends when he went into the garage to get a drink from their extra fridge. He didn't even break skin. There have been several different incidents like this, none resulted in anything more than a scratch from his teeth. He gently bites and runs.

Every time he has done this, Scott has beat the living shit out of him. I actually had to intervene the one time I saw him do it because it was so violent. Scott didn't grow up with pets, and hates them. He denies it but someone that has an ounce of compassion would NOT treat their pets that way.

Obviously, the dog has an obedience problem, but instead of dealing with it they just beat him and yell at him and banish him to the outside. Because you know, that's going to fix the fucking problem so it never happens again, right?

Anyway, two days ago their daughter went to the chain link fence that separates the dog's part of the yard with the rest. She started violently shaking it and than started that annoying shrieking that only toddlers can do. Both of the dogs came running. She started poking at them and tugging their noses and SHOVING her finger in his mouth.

He bit her finger.

No shit?!

She started crying, but there wasn't even a red mark when he nipped her finger. Within 3 seconds she was fine and struggling to get on the ground to do it again.

Now, I am not saying it's ok for a dog to bite a child. I am however going to say that the children usually deserve to get bit. Her daughter has never been taught how to interact with animals. She is given free reign to be a fucking brat everywhere. In fact, I won't go in public with them at all anymore because she is so fucking rotten and they just allow it. It's embarrassing. They have never once told her no or not given her something she wanted unless it would harm her.

Now, I was not there when it happened, but I happened to be on the phone with Jackie. She went ape shit and ran to her daughter and calmed her down, which I think is pretty natural. Scott meanwhile went over and started hitting and kicking the dog so much that he started bleeding.

All the while I'm on the phone (that she dropped while going to get her daughter). I hear him screaming at the dog saying he's going to kill him. Jackie doesn't say anything for a bit then starts yelling at him to stop, and that he's going to kill him... then basically a bunch of screaming I couldn't decipher.

Rock is ok. I'm told. I haven't seen him. Scott wanted him gone from the house that day, but she convinced him to let him stay until he found a new home for him.

She went through this last time he bit their friend. She actually found a decent home for him, but decided she didn't want to get rid of him and kept him.

I will boldly say, and I'm sure no one agrees with me because society is kid-centric these days, but it is her fault her daughter got bit. She made him into what he has become. It makes me so fucking mad I can't see straight.

I want to take him so badly. I have begged and pleaded with my mother to let me take him. I understand why I can't take him, but I hate to think of the alternative.

He is NOT a bad dog. He has really, really, really, really, REALLY shitty owners.

I'm pretty sure it's an omen of how their child will turn out.

Ok, so the whole point of this rambling post was to show you an email she sent me, along with everyone she knows - including her bosses and coworkers.

Because I am furious and disgusted by them at the moment, I feel the need to tear them apart. So, please excuse the negativity...

This is the quality of people that are working for the government these days. She works at the local community college deciding who gets placed in what class. She's judging their education and how they should be credited for their previous work.

She's judging them.

The following email is completely verbatim. I am in complete shock that anyone would hire someone that...

Oh, just read it.

This is a grate web page. It has some interesting things that the inmates make and the state sales there used stuff including cars for cheep. Also you can order flowers from the inmate flower shop. Someone had there wedding done by them and said they looked great and were cheep. I found it looking for dog a new home. We are hopping the he can go to jail. How appropriate.

This is an example of why spell check is not your friend when you are completely retarded.

I could go on for hours tearing them apart for bad parenting, for being bad pet owners, for being irresponsible citizens, for having a child but still having mommy pay half of their bills and buy groceries, for their sickening me-first attitude about everything and how no one else matters as long as they get what they want.

But, as I have learned, that will do nothing to change them and it will just make me upset.

I have been slowly purging them from my life for the past year, I need to speed things up for my own sanity.

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