1:36 a.m.


I was very sad today. I just had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and I don't know why. When I started this medication I thought it would be the answer to all of my problems.

Although it has helped immensely, I realize it will not fix me completely.

In all reality, I'm pretty fucked up in the head. I know this. I've always known this and I've done my best to keep it from everyone. I felt the need to be perfect in other people's eyes. I still do. It's something I think I'll always feel.

I don't really think I'm fooling anyone. I think I fool them enough that they don't see the really dark parts of my soul, but I know they know that something is wrong.

But, if you don't talk about something, or confront it, it will go away eventually, right?

I ramble. I'm off to bed because I still haven't fixed my sleep schedule and I need to be cheery at 6:30am starting Monday.

Hug me. Please?

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