10:21 p.m.

His dog was cute, too.

My mother voted for George Bush because she thought he was cute and had nice eyes. There are millions of people who use this, or similarly arbitrary reasons, as their way of deciding the future of our country.

Iím a big advocate of researching candidates on more than just their looks and wardrobe. This site has a nice overview of the candidatesí stance on some of the bigger issues. Just click the photo for the interactive chart. The name of each candidate links to their respective websites. While the site is very informative, it definitely shouldnít take the place of actual research.


Also, this site lets you choose the issues important to you and matches you up with the candidates that fit your choices.

Ok, enough politics; I just stumbled across these sites today and thought they were interesting. But donít forget there is only 1 year, 2 months and 29 days until the election.

Unfortunately, Stephen Colbert isnít running for president.

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