2:56 a.m.

I can't put a deck of cards away unless they're in order

If you know me, even remotely, you know that I am a complete freak about order and organization. So much so that I've been called anal retentive and OCD. I don't deny either of those labels. Not that I always achieve those things, but it is my ultimate goal.

In fact, I'm so anal that if I can't do something perfect, I don't do it at all. I realize that's quite contradictory.

Today I took my lazy ass to The Container Store (FAVORITE STORE EVER) and gotten a few organizational things I've been needing forever. I finally have all my shoes in proper shoe boxes. All my hangers are now wooden. Which, though it seems pretentious, is so much better than plastic. It just looks so... beautiful. Also, I bought a nice little dresser that will fit in the bottom of my tiny closet. I don't have a dresser, and it's a pain in the ass not to have drawer storage. PAIN. IN. THE. ASS.

Anyway, I'm finally getting my space organized and I'm positive that it will make me less anxious. I can't think when things aren't perfectly spaced and in order because I will obsess about it non-stop. I won't do anything about it, God forbid, but I will obsess about it.

I'm beginning to realize just how fucked I am in the head.

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