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So, to clarify. I did not have surgery because I am a fucking loser who had a massive panic attack and effectively raised my blood pressure to serious levels. Yay for me. They did not however believe that a panic attack could produce such lovely levels so I have to prove my blood pressure is controlled for TWO MONTHS. I will suffer with golf ball sized tonsils for two more months for a total of 5 months of no breathing. I have to call the doctor tomorrow to get my money back. He did not preform the surgery, and there is no way in hell he is keeping my money.

Because I am sick of the hype this gives me great pleasure.

That being said, if I had one I'd totally do this. In fact, I still might do it with my little Blackberry Pearl. Not quite as dramatic, but still cute, no?

Oh! And the nurse couldn't hit a vein for the life of her, so both of my hands and arms are swollen and finally turning into a lovely shade of deep red and brown. I shall photograph it soon. The bruise on my left hand goes up my fingers! I'm so morbid. It literally has my entire hand swollen to 2-3 times it's normal size. It hurts but I honestly like it; it's fascinating.

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